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Payment Options:

Option one:

You can choose to pay for your dress in full on ordering. We accept debit, credit cards and cash. You can even pay over the phone by bank transfer to save a trip to the shop!

Option two:

You can pay half the balance on ordering your gown and then pay the balance on collection (roughly 20 weeks depending on delivery times)

Option Three:

We are aware with the current economic climate that paying for a wedding dress is getting harder, so we can offer an INTEREST FREE payment plan arranged to your needs; pay a small deposit and once your payments have paid half the balance your dress will be ordered. Then we will continue your plan until the balance is cleared and you can collect your dress. Note: There must be enough time before the wedding for the plan to be completed. This option will be worked out with our accounts manager so it works for your personal situation.

Let's Work Together

Note: All dresses remain the property of Ever After Bridal Wear and Prom until the balance owed is zero. If no payments or contact is made after 3 months the plan will close and not be refunded.

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