Getting Back to normal!!

It has been a lovely couple of days actually speaking to real people and making appointments for when we are able to open again on the 12th April. I have so missed talking with you all!

I have managed to call everyone on my priority list and have left messages for those who were unable to answer their phone at that time and I will hopefully catch those ladies soon. I will be going in to the shop on a more regular basis from now, but I am also moving house so do please bear with me while I get my home sorted It is a very exciting time for us as it is the first house my husband and I have bought together so we are starting a new chapter in our lives and looking forward to making it our home. We should have moved before Christmas but we have had to wait for all the legalities and this has both been frustrating and time consuming, who thought it was a good idea to move in the middle of a pandemic!! (my husband did!! I do love him!)

If any of you lovely ladies would like to make an appointment the easiest way is to email me through the contacts page on the website or message me on face book. If you leave a voicemail on the shop phone, I will pick it up but it may be a few days before I reply. Your patience at this time is greatly appreciated.

So on with the planning now for or re opening and fingers crossed we shall be raring to go on the 12th if the numbers allow!!! xxxx

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