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Ever After Bridal Wear was seen on 5th August 2014, on Don't Tell the Bride! (series 8, episode 1).

'Jay and Ian want to get married, but don't have the cash; they get £12,000 toward their big day on the condition that Ian keep all the details secret from his bride-to-be; Ian flies himself and his two best men to Thailand in a bid to save money.'

Me and my mum, sallyanne, were working in the shop one Saturday afternoon, and we got the strangest call. It was a strange call as it was a man telling us he needed a wedding dress urgently, as in as urgent as tomorrow! My mum looked at me, laughing thinking that this was a prank call, as the man carried on explaining that he was getting married tomorrow and that his bride didn't have a dress to my mum carried on listening, and then he piped up 'oh yeah, I forgot to say, I'm on Don't Tell the Bride!'. My mum's face dropped as she couldn't believe what she was hearing. She agreed to keep the shop open (of course) and we quickly tidied everything away and tried to calm our nerves!

So, 15 minutes later, in walks Ian and his best man matthew with the camera crew, and the first thing Ian does is give me and my mum a big hug! We had a chat about his Bride, Jay, what her body shape is and what style of dress Ian could imagine on Jay. Once he had described the kind of dress he had in mind, I picked out a beautiful fit and flare gown by Ronald Joyce, with diamante details, a sweetheart neckline and a lace-up back. Ian loved it and even got me to try it on as I was a similar shape to Jay! We sealed the deal and Ian couldn't be happier, as his wedding was less than 24 hours away...and Jay currently didn't know what she was wearing!

Ian and Matthew left, and my mum steamed the dress and took the tags off, ready for Jay to come in and try it on in a couple of hours that evening. Jay came in and was so nervous, but my mum made her a cup of tea and took her up into the changing rooms to see her dress. The dress was in a bag, and my mum was told to slowly open it so that Jay got a small glimpse of it bit-by-bit. My mum put the dress on Jay and she absolutely loved it! Not only did Jay love it, but her whole family loved it. It wasn't what she had every imagined, but Ian had picked it for her and she felt beautiful in it.

We got back at 10pm that night, after a very busy, long but exciting day! We sat down with dinner and a glass of wine, and had the biggest grins on our faces. We had the best day, which made us realise truly how lucky we are to own such a beautiful little shop, where we meet such lovely brides (and grooms in this case)! Jay came back shortly after filming for Don't Tell the Bride as a bridesmaid this time, and it was lovely to see them both and catch up.

Thanks for reading, Katie x

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